prototype community for 8.000

[maximize to full screen to see images in a larger format] space spspace ac e s    p ce space read the URBAN MANIFESTO here

read the URBAN MANIFESTO here

BRIEF: DENNIS CROMPTON STUDIO – PROTOTYPE COMMUNITY FOR 8,000 – a collaborative project by upper level graduate students at Washington University in St. Louis’ school of architecture, the prototype community was to examine the following: domestic accommodations, amenities, transportation, city form. The document above was formed at the conclusion of the semester and includes a manifesto accompanied by a set of defining terminology for the understanding of the diagrammatic explanation of the identity + growth of a community. The group posited that the city cannot simply be designed in a ‘top down’ fashion, but must be explained and grow according to a different set of criteria. Indeterminacy and time being the main factors of their proposals, the students formulated a set of ‘rules’ explained through  a series of diagrams as well as a model installation in order to test a potential community’s growth over time. Accompanying the model were a set of narratives and experiential renderings (seen in the book above) meant to begin to demonstrate the human aspect of the urban environment.

GROUP MEMBERS: Bryn Wears, Jonathan Parker, Dale Schilke
SITE: constructed/imagined
DRAWINGS + DIAGRAMS: digital montage, digital rendering- Bryn Wears, Jonathan Parker
MODELS: laser etched mat board, nuts + bolts, monofilament

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