nexus: central glass competition


Brief: Central Glass Competition
Collaborators: Elysse Newman, Patty Heyda, Bryn Wears

Notes: The competition was approached from an unconventional angle looking not to simply design a community space, but rather to examine the nature of community itself. The central protagonists are individuals which in and and of themselves are the progenitors of any definition of community. The text on the image reads:

”  1. a. A bond, link, or junction; a means of connection between things or parts; (also) the state of being connected or linked.

The coming community is a condition of proximity without spatial definition. Communities create themselves through desire, action and perception as an ‘infinite set of modal oscillations.’1 The threshold of one community-as-universe is the inside-outside of all thresholds: thresholds are not indeterminate space, they are being-within the outside. Community is not A or not-A, therefore it is identity.2

1 The philosophy of the ‘coming community’ as formulated by Giorgio Agamben in The Coming Community (1993).
2 The logic of the Diamond Sutra.”

“Thresholds of Community:


The community is illustrated through the nexus cloud: each individual is represented by a point. Each individual has established relationships with other individuals and those relationships are defined in space and time. Inevitably, these intertwined space-time relations yield further and unexpected overlapping connections which in turn are illustrated by a ‘cloud.’

by elysse newman (pdf)


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  1. Basil Witten says:

    I love the part about “[The candidate is] inquisitive enough to take advice from many conflicting perspectives, wise enough come to their own conclusion, and have the character to convince others that what they propose is the right thing to do.”

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