tidal observatory

BRIEF: The Tidal Observatory is a project centered around alternative form generation. It is an examination of how a simple sequential repeated series can create complex outputs and the adaptation of those outputs into structural systems. The observatory confronts issues of context and while its forms are generated from seemingly unrelated sources, those forms become inextricably linked to its site and immediate variables. The result is a series of undulating platforms and canopies some of which are at times submerged below the water’s surface depending on the tidal flows. The structure becomes a space for recreation, contemplation, observation and research. The experience of the place becomes dependent on the natural cycles of the setting and can be radically different throughout the year and even through the course of a single day.

SITE: constructed/imagined
MODELS: wire rope, rexlace
DRAWINGS: hand renderings (colored pencil on mylar), digital montage

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