city of dreams pavilion competition


BRIEF: a competition to create a pavilion for Governer’s Island, a historic get-a-way with a converted military fort and parks where Manhattan-ers and other tourists can escape the city for the day. The pavilion serves as an informal space that can transform to support a variety of programs from film viewings to theater classes and performances. The pavilion’s temporary installation necessitates a recyclable set of materials. The scaffolding is rentable and a material that is already reusable in its nature and was therefore thought of as ideal. Its KIT OF PARTS has the ability to be readily reconfigured to accommodate a variety of event needs. MULTIPLE LEVELS allow the visitor to explore the pavilion’s installation and gain new perspective on the site, view gallery pieces and screen films.

MATERIALS: scaffolding, hoarding (canvas), lights
SITE: Governer’s Island, NY
DRAWINGS: digital renderings
COLLABORATORS: Michele ER Fredericks, Bryn Wears