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[scroll mouse left or right to see entire image] spacspacespacespacspacespacesLevee Wall, Mississippi River, St. Louis, MO

BRIEF: The white box is a place without a location; the LOCUS gallery is both place and location. It asks us to step outside our bonds of conventionality and experience art in a new way; it asks the curator to do the same: to work with the artwork + the artist, to understand its relationship to the place in which it is created and also the place where it is displayed. We can now understand that the white wall is impure-it carries its own set of loaded meanings. The new gallery is redefined through the reconsideration of traditional relationships and by examining the complex connections between the artwork’s place of origin: the studio; the artwork’s ultimate destination: the museum/gallery; the artwork’s creator: the artist; and the other players that are integral in determining the fate of the artwork; in understanding its ‘value’: the curator, the patron, the observer/viewer, the eye. It begs the question: What effect does the place in which an artwork is created have on its identity, and as follows, what effect does the place that the artwork is displayed and experienced have on its identity? How can architecture begin to create new relationships and new understandings of these identities?

[scroll mouse left or right to see entire image] spacspacespacespacspacespacespacspacespaSection through Gallery Space

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