studioLOCUS is dedicated to the exploration of ideas in design, whether that be architecture, the urban environment, art or everyday objects. We believe it is our responsibility, our duty, as architects, artists and designers to build for our own age and for what is to come; to create valid design for our times.

LOCUS – the set of all points, lines or surfaces that satisfy a given requirement – a center or source, as of activities or power – a place, a locality- center of great activity or intense concentration – the surface described by a point or line that moves according to a given law – the scene of an event or action [especially the place of a meeting] – where something is placed, to cause to stand, to place – a distributed system project supporting transparent access to data through a network wide file system

ABOUT bryn– Founder and Co-Owner of BODY KIT jewelry, and founder of studioLOCUS. Grew up ping ponging between 350 days of sun in the mile high state and the highways of So-Cal and managed to escape becoming a ski-bunny or a valley girl. Her mother is a fiber artist, her grandmother a talented portraitist and her grandfather an architect. After studying art and running around Chicago’s art scene- jazz at the Velvet Lounge, art parties and screen printing, she departed for graduate studies in architecture. Emerging to the light of day after three years of study and travel to Finland, Greece, Italy, Spain and England, she migrated north from the Gateway City back to Chicago. Fixations include graffiti, machines, robots, metal, cakes, sushi, Hot Doug’s and tamales. Inspirations, icons and heroes include Archigram, Lebbeus Woods, Cai Guo Qiang, Banksy, Moholy Nagy, Ed Rouscha, Neutra, and Gordon Matta-Clark.  She dreams of Gypsie dinners in Chicago and 25 course meals.pace



Heather Woofter
Dennis Crompton + ARCHIGRAM
Raumlabor Berlin
Jouni Kaipia
Derek Hoeferlin
Melinda Matthews
Andrew Amalfitano
Helen Flloyd
Tracey Swanson
Niki Grangruth
Michele ER Frederics
Nanette Milner
Jimenez Lai + Bureau Spectacular

Michele E R Fredericks
Monling Lee

Jonathan Parker
Dale Schilke

Jaipal Singh
Zhong Chen
Christina Draghi
Jennifer Jessee
Monling Lee
Kentaro Nagano
Morgan Perry
Minjia Qu
Bryn Wears

Jamie Bucher
Ryan Headd
Anton Markin
Nanette Milner
Kirsten Pearson
Jessica Swann
Glenn Timmons
Timothy Wooster
Hao Xu
Tasneem Zraikat

Niki Grangruth
Michele ER Fredericks
Nanette Milner
Bryn Wears
Laura Bowe


Old North St. Louis Restoration Group
Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum
Len G Everett Gallery
ACM Chicago Arts Program
Sam Marts Architects and Planners
Architecture for Humanity Chicago
Tanzania Development Support




*studioLOCUS is not officially or legally affiliated with any of the above mentioned individuals or organizations*

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