pianoforte studios

Third Floor; Photo by Tom Veed

BREIF: Located just south of Grant Park on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, PianoForte Studios is a three-story adaptive-reuse project utilizing a masonry building originally constructed in 1906. In its previous life, this steel and heavy timber structure was home to an auto-part manufacturing facility. The first floor is transformed in to a showroom  where the larger space is broken down in to smaller “vignettes” by a series of wall panels, screens and overhangs. Offices for the PianoForte Foundation are housed on the second floor as well as a series of practice rooms and a performance space. Special acoustic considerations were given to partitions, materiality and surface treatments.

PROJECT ROLES: Project co-lead along with Tom Veed. Worked closely with client from project conception through schematic design, design development and construction document production- code review compliance, sequencing content, detail development, sheet development, permitting/agency coordination, content modeling, design, construction administration.

Currently under construction under Sheehan Partners, ltd. For more information and photos please visit: http://www.sp-arch.com/

Performance Space Rendering: Cierra Myers

 Perspectives: Tom Veed, Bryn Namavari

Materials Concepts: Bryn Namavari, Tom Veed, Sylvia BillisicksCONCEPT DRAWINGS AND RENDERINGS:





Photos by Bryn Namavari