154 w hubbard roof garden

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Located on the roof top of a six story condo building in the heart of what Chicagoans refer to as the ‘Near North’ (the area just north of the the Loop and the Chicago River and what most would still consider ‘downtown’) a XXX square foot roof deck was designed to be transformed in to an urban oasis.

Materiality:  Based around concrete and wood the project is an exercise in cleaver deception- a roof garden poses an all too familiar set of challenges- weight limitations being at the forefront. In order to create the garden that Kriezelman desired, Namavari had to be resourceful. While concrete may be one of the main building materials, a lightweight mixture including styrofoam beads makes up the “rocks” that create the majority of the landscape elements.

Taking advantage of Chicago’s microclimate, Kriezelman and Namavari planted American native bamboo species as well as sedum, native grasses and horse tail, along with bulbs and climbing vines that will gradually fill in the two pergolas on the deck. Water features on both the north and south wings of the deck help break up the sounds of traffic down below.
The spaces were conceived of with three main things in mind: how to take advantage of the incredible views, how to create a relaxing, meditative space, and how to integrate programmatic elements from indoors to outdoors to make living between the two spaces seamless.
The client’s family and friends are an extremely important part of his life when he is in Chicago. He travels a lot and likes to spend quality time with them when he is home. The goal was to always keep this in mind when thinking about each of the spaces and how each would be used so that they would really be integrated in to his lifestyle.
PROJECT ROLES: Design consultant, gardener

Project is currently under construction.


AFTER PHOTOS: [wait for these to be posted upon project completion!]