TEDx25thWard: Architecture or Revolution?

Chicago is a city marked by waves of experimentation and a history of innovation, the genesis of architectural movements and the inspiration for such icons as Wright, Burnham, and van der Rohe. It is not just a city of historical landmarks in search of preservation, but a hub for daring thinkers looking to enter the discussion of today’s built environment. This event is one foray into that conversation.

Like archeology, architecture tells the stories of how people live and what they desire. It is a physical manifestation of human imagination and collective identity. We must revisit Le Corbusier’s dictum: Architecture or Revolution? Should a generation living under today’s social, economic, environmental, and technological conditions settle for the practices that proliferated the last century? Shouldn’t our buildings be as advanced as we are?

This event is an opportunity for designers, architects, students, local officials, and community members to have very direct interaction with the communities they impact and to share ideas face-to-face in a unique and powerful way. Seven young professionals will bring their platforms. They will design and build a stage to best represent themselves and their positions. The whole room will have the opportunity to not only watch and listen, but to contribute, to grow, and to strengthen communities through participation. We invite you to have a say and to take an active role in the continuing story of humanity in Chicago.

To further enlighten our discussion and provoke participation at all levels, a student design competition, “How Cool is Your Stool: Reshaping the City,” accompanied the event. Of the 100 seats, 16 were reserved for the winning entrants to the competition, who built, displayed and occupied their design at the conference. Please see the competition brief for more information.

SPEAKERS: Jimenez Lai, Thom Moran, Andrew Kovacs, Grant Gibson, Sean Lally, Ania Jaworska

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