forest park south east branch library

The Forest Park South East branch library is located strategically to be utilized by the nearby K-12 school and surrounding community. The building is placed on the site to allow for the maximum area to be devoted to a park.  Rows of trees create a layering effect and a screen is formed providing for pleasant  + relaxing views from the interior reading spaces. They also act as a natural sun screen in the summer months helping to reduce energy loads. The main corridor was conceived of as a thickening of the main service wall and acts as the primary location for circulation and draws patrons from the entrance down its length where collections are then housed in “offshoot” volumes.  Glazing is used in order to provide guidance through the space, natural daylight for reading, and placed so as to provide a cloister -like sense of privacy and security within the library setting; where the reader can leave outside distractions behind.

view of courtyard through the park in late fall

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